About Us

We are passionate about providing successful outcomes for our clients.

Successful outcomes require us to work together to assess the issues and identify necessary actions.

We clearly identify costs and allocate appropriate resources to best ensure that there are no surprises.

Expectations are set and agreed early. We will find ways to exceed these expectations where possible.

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Creating Real Solutions

Do you need a real solution? Do you have a problem which seems too difficult for you to handle alone? Do you want to take advance steps to ensure a problem doesn’t occur in the first place?

Whether you are responding to a situation before it gets out of control or planning for a future event we can assist you. Real Time Law specialises in creating solutions with you.

We partner with you to simplify problems and achieve real and manageable solutions.

Real solutions often require a multi-disciplined approach. We work closely with other specialists so that you get all the guidance you need.

We work differently from many law firms. Real Time Law aims to deliver services on time and on budget and without the confusion or frustration.

Our approach

Real Time Law takes the challenge out of dealing with lawyers.

We can visit your home or business in order to best understand your individual needs.

Where necessary we can be immersed within your business to best understand your industry and culture.

We work alongside you to create solutions which produce tangible outcomes within a legal framework.

Each challenge you present us will be met with a solution tailored specifically for you. We will:

  • listen to your problems
  • develop solutions with you
  • assist you implement the solution

Our approach is cost effective and aimed at minimising surprises.

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The power of collaboration

Creating sustainable business communities is critical for our combined success. Ask us if you need a business relationship to help you achieve your outcomes.

The power of collaboration can take your business to new levels.